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Multi-Day lift tickets are available at the resort. Rentals and lessons are not Learn to Ski & Snowboard Packages All Mountain Ski or Snowboard Packages .

Then, for her late summer session, to her grandmothers' home out near Halsey.

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I know you can't see Rachel very well with this cool barn picture, but this dramatic image belongs on her wall, don't you think? I cropped it some, but we have alot more field and buildings in the original. Sheldon High School's Miss April is very active in music and wants to possibly teach high school music someday. Her favorite color is green Hey, Go Irish!

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Her dream car is a 67' Chevelle. Go here. Your Senior Photographs are a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have a real professional photo shoot.

Don't miss out, it is a great experience! She now is on the cheer squad at the University of Oregon.


We updated the family portraits as well when Claire was a freshman Because Julianna's photographs turned out so well, it was an honor that Claire and her mom selected me to also take Claire's senior portraits. Claire was also one of my High School senior models, which encompasses two photo shoots. These were at the University of Oregon campus. Her last session was here at my studio.

Claire likes dance and cheer as well as go antique shopping with her grandmother. She did ballet for 9 years and now is active playing tennis, drawing, and involved with school activities at Marist. She hopes to one day become a cardiologist. She loves to bead in her free time. I don't know if she has much of that though!

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Senior Portraits. Her older sister, Macy, had been one of my models, so I was glad when Abby signed up as well. We are looking for HS juniors right now for Class of models btw! Abby chose my studio and all the unique little places I photograph around my historic Washburne neighborhood for her first photo shoot see below :. Abby is super busy, as she is involved with Cheer, Choir, Mr.

She has been to Disneyland too many times to count, is obsessed with Sleeping Beauty and has seen too many movies and can quote them all! To see her short video trailer see below! The benefits of a Super Model is that they get 2 different photo shoots, are featured on our social media posts as well as at our display at Valley River Center and have a host of other financial benefits.

One can apply early-just click here. She plays volleyball and basketball and runs track. She is also involved with 4-h. Her favorite color is Blue and enjoyed reading the Hunger Games. Food of choice? Events in March? Daffodil is the months' flower and Aquamarine, the birth stone.

Full moon's name March 5th was the Worm Moon. My favorite whacky holidays? If you have the calendar you'd be well aware of when and when NOT to panic and when to goof off along with other fun and weird holidays. Sam enjoys volleyball, softball, track swimming who'd ever guess? She is a happy person. But I think after meeting her, you'd know that. She loves bubble tea, sushi, and the tv series "Breaking Bad".

She has been involved with Cheer, Concert and Jazz band. Her favorite color is Navy Blue. Ella's future dream is to play in a band after High School. This Months Featured Coupons? Devin is a senior at Willamette High School and of course plays basketball. He is Mr. He also golfs, but ballislife is his motto. His dream would be to play basketball for UCLA.

Devin enjoys a blended rebel from Dutch Bros. His favorite color is Lime Green. Quads are the key to his happiness. His Birthday is August 16th. If you are a Junior, how would you like to be featured in the CMN calendar and on my blog? Right now, we are looking for Juniors Class of to apply for the 3 model progams we offer. One of course is the calendar program-where we pay 13 different Juniors from the Lane County to be featured in the calendar includes the cover too!

Just click here :. Birthstone for February: Amethyst. Flower: Violet. The name of the full moon in February? The Snow moon which occured on the 4th. One of my favorite wacky holidays? How do I know all this weird stuff? The Calendar of course! They are a wonderful Spa, skincare, massage, waxing, nail care, body treatments and of course, hair salon. Being the namesake of the most renowned swim center of the southern Willamette Valley must put pressure on you.

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Especially if you are a swimmer. But in my interactions with Katie, whose Grandfather the Lively Swim Center is named for, she was demur, soft spoken, smart, strong and confident. Kinda like Marcus Mariota! Katie did my ultimate session, which involved hours of photo shoots and can be split into two days. It was a blast and Katie was so easy to be with and photograph. Always willing to go for it and try things I suggested-including getting soaked in the river.

Ironically, I had never photographed at Lively before, so it was great to try out a new location. I used 3 light sources for the image below. Besides being a great swimmer for Thurston High School, Katie is the editor of the Thurston student newspaper and enjoys writing, chocolate milk, Seventeen Magazine and the color of light blue. We are looking for models!

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If you are a Junior, Sophomore or Freshman, please go to www. I always like something different-be it people, locations or ideas.

[RV Life & Travel] Ep. 47 The Emerald City -- Visiting our Hometown of Eugene, Oregon

That is what I got to do for this photo shoot on a beautiful fall day. A perfect day for taking high school senior pictures. I was so glad that Jim, Jet's Grandfather, wanted me to be his photographer because Jet is a great guy, very affable and easy going and highly skilled with a bow and arrow. I had never been there before, but it offered an ample supply of cool locations from trees to a wood bridge see above and below and of course the archery range-both inside below.

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